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aFiGoZ Scrivi Un Messaggio Privato 6 Dragons Kung Fu's Home Study Premium Course
A few premises before starting:

This is our core course, if you want to get serious with 6 Dragons Kung Fu, this is the best choice
Our approach addresses martial arts in a very wide way but everyone can choose a specific path
Only those who want to become an instructor must acquire the full cultural background (read 6DKF: what does it teach?)
Unlike other styles, the 6 Dragons Kung Fu has been specially modeled to be learned from a distance (read The difference between 6DKF and other martial arts)
As we have already said, this is not a second choice path (read Is 6 Dragons Kung Fu effective?)
This is the same path that the guan's practitioners follow (same exercise, same corrections, same explanations, etc.)
How to start your martial path
Here is the path that we have specially designed to become a real practitioner of 6 Dragons Kung Fu, training through a home study path:

Choose the goal - First of all, you have to choose your goal compiling this rapid interview (self-defense, wellness, fighting competitions, self-improvement, etc.)
Choose the place to train - Find a suitable, safe and always accessible area where performing your daily workout (see Training area and external people)
Choose the training plan - Go on our Patreon page and choose the monthly plan you prefer; based on your goal, we will provide you with the most appropriate route
Start training - Everything you need to start your first Kung Fu training will be in the course (lessons, training plan, etc.)
Interact - You can ask questions in relation to the explanations on the comments of the lesson and / or in our Facebook Private Group (go to 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style - Training Diary)
Study and practice - Build (with discipline, preparation and concentration) your body and your mental skills, learn technique and develop your martial structure
Graduate - At the end of each series of lessons you can finally make your skills professional, testing yourself with our exams (it is not mandatory, more info inside the course)
Important: before starting any training (and ours can be very intense), you have to ask your family doctor (do eventual exams, etc.).

How does it work?
It is very simple:

You compile this interview
You subscribe to Patreon as a supporter
You choose your monthly plan
In 48-72 hours you receive the link of your first Kung Fu lesson (through the e-mail specified in the interview)
Have you problem following these steps? Write at

The right plan for you
These are the various options:

Practitioner - 25 $ / month you obtain 2 lessons per week and you can send up to 2 videos per month (plus other benefits, look on our Patreon page for more)
Advanced - 32 $ / month you obtain 3 lessons per week and you can send up to 3 videos per month (plus other benefits, look on our Patreon page for more)
Disciple - 59 $ / month you obtain 4 lessons per week and you can send up to 5 videos per month (plus other benefits, look on our Patreon page for more)
Instructor - 92 $ / month you obtain 5 lessons per week and you can send up to 8 videos per month (plus other benefits, look on our Patreon page for more)
Master (limited places) - 262 $ / month you obtain 6 lessons per week and you can send up to 14 videos per month (plus other benefits, look on our Patreon page for more)
Grandmaster (limited places) - 512 $ / month you obtain 7 lessons per week (1 of pure theory) and you can send up to 30 videos per month (plus other benefits, look on our Patreon page for more)
The spirit of donation and sharing - Your donations allow us to help everyone else with our free content, with these donations you do not buy Kung Fu: you allow us to survive, to go ahead and help all those who, not having economic availability, study the guides that we publish for free (read Free Kung Fu lessons).

It is an opportunity - In most countries, if you think about it, the cost of this course is extremely inferior to the one of the gyms (those who have already started, crowded, full of people unsuitable for your level, that end before starting, that do not offer daily training, etc., read How to train professionally in martial arts).

Frequently asked questions
Is this course related to the free textual course? - No, they are 2 different courses, they are parallel; the textual one is more theoretical (read A full and free online guide to 6 Dragons Kung Fu), this one has videos and it is more "practical" (daily exercises, more techniques, etc.); you can follow both
What is the course about? -We start from the rudiments, the basic exercises / concepts and gradually we will reach the highest levels of our style
How long is this video course? - This course, unlike the others (that are more specific, see Online Course), covers the entire martial path of 6 Dragons Kung Fu, so it is potentially "endless"; the idea is to offer a martial growth and a training that follows the practitioner from the first steps to the highest level (so you can always improve)
Who chooses a basic path receives less information? - No, the path is the same, the main difference lies in the number of weekly lessons that you receive and the videos that can you send per month to be evaluated by our team
What happens if I do not follow a lesson? - All the old lessons are at your disposal; as for our other courses, you receive access to a new lesson each time you follow the last one (over the time, we have seen that this method favors the continuity of the practice)
Is the course always active or does it include breaks? - We generally have a good continuity but breaks are normal (holidays, internships, unpredictable problems, etc.); in the rare case of prolonged interruptions, we will find a way to recover the lessons
Can I start at any time? - Of course, always start from the first lesson and gradually receive the next ones
What should I do if I do not understand something? - You can write questions, the priority you receive will be proportional to the level you have chosen; in case the topic is considered of particular interest it is also possible that we write a dedicated article
What if I want to stop my training? - You simply have to stop your monthly donation plan; Patreon is a very widespread and functional platform, you should not have any problem; at the technical level you are not "obliged" to perform the exercises of the training sessions, potentially you could even just study the theory and / or enjoy the other benefits that our supporters have (but of course it is better to practice)
What does a lesson contain? - The lessons can contain videos, exercises, techniques and explanations proportional (in terms of difficulty and effort) to the chosen path and the phase of martial development you are following; needless to say that every type of training is closely linked to the final goal (for example, the intensity and type of exercises is different for those looking for well-being than those who prepare for a martial competition)
Is every lesson equivalent to a single long video? - No, each lesson can contain various kinds of contents (videos, texts, images, etc.); a lesson includes premium contents and (if necessary) links to public contents; it is also important to stress that if, for example, a training exercise appears in two different lessons, the relative video explanation will be (obviously) the same
What is the duration of each workout? - This depends on 4 factors, your goals, your time, your preparation level and the phase of training that you are following (for reference terms, we are talking about a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 4-5 hours per session, read Tips on how to stretch our training times)
How do I receive the link to the lessons? - You receive a private link by e-mail (the one you choose in the interview); remember, the lessons cannot be shared publicly without our consent
What about training equipment? - To start you need a very basic set of tools, in most cases, you can choose to buy cool stuff or to use recovery material (it's all about your preferences, read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF); one thing that is worth spending on is about your safety and the quality of your body performance, the rest is not important
Can I change my donation level to obtain more lessons? - Yes, at any time, you simply have to go on Patreon and change the amount of your monthly donation
I have more questions, what can I do? - Write at


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