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aFiGoZ Scrivi Un Messaggio Privato Basic / advanced capabilities of a 6 Dragons Kung Fu's practitioner
Definitions, general categories and teaching focus:
6DKF: what does it teach? - A general overview of the core teachings of 6 Dragons Kung Fu
Mind skills: what we will learn - All the categories of the mental capabilities
Combat skills: what we will learn - All the categories of the combat capabilities
Complete glossary of Kung Fu terminology - Quick definitions regarding 6 Dragons Kung Fu (and more, constantly updated)
The 6 dragons of 6DKF - An epic and imaginative explanation of the fundamental characteristics of 6 Dragons Kung Fu
Spatial skills:
Weight distribution - It refers to the instinctive attitude to control the amount of weight and inertia that we leave on our limbs (as we move as we stand still)
Rooting - In our style, having a good rooting means having a perfect balance capability (eg. even against the opponents' action)
Dynamic Equilibrium - It allows us to recover / maintain enough equilibrium to defend or attack even in a dynamic context
Spatial intelligence - In mind terms, it is the capability to instinctively measure distances, times, speeds (etc.) inside a combat scenario; in physical terms, it use our body in the space in an extremely fast and precise way
Spatial memory - It is the capability to create a tridimensional mind map of what we know of the scenario (position of its elements, continuity of movements in progress, their directions, etc.)
Instictive aim - When we talk about weapons (especially the throwing ones), this skill consists on immediately focus a good target and precisely attack it without stopping to aim
Timing skills:
Cyclical concentration - It offers the power to order and control our actions; it allows us to effectively perform multiple simultaneous tasks at the same time (even asymmetric, with different states, etc.)
Speed of execution - Speed of execution is an advanced skill and it has a very limited connection with muscular quickness
Reflexes - They are is not a mind-only related skill, in the way we mean them, they are the result of the sum of a (trained) reactive mind and a (trained) reactive body (muscular memory, etc.)
Timing - It is the capability to voluntarily sync, change, exploit or break the pace of our opponents
Preservation skills:
Stamina - It simply is the capability to do not lose all our fighting skills in a few seconds due to shortness of breath, high heart rate, etc.
Flexibility - Having a good flexibility means to last longer in training and in combat
Soft Touch - It is a liquid type of contact that allows the practitioner to limit (or completely avoid) the negative effect of dangerous dynamic interactions (eg. manage a falling, grab a sharp object, handle a punch, etc.)
Combat skills:
State changes - They allow us to correctly and instinctively adapt the level of tension of our body (or part of it) to the type of interaction we are having with any type of element of the scenario (opponents, obstacles, etc.)
Trapping - Having a good trapping skill means being able to manage complex and fast interaction with the opponents' action (using the states changes)
Muscle chain - It allows to sum the power of various (if not all) muscle groups
Persistent Movements - Trough a specific body structure, it allows to use the states changes to make our movements "unstoppable" (regulating speed, strength, body state, weight distribution, etc.)
Dragon Motion - It is a type of swirling movements that allow us to load power in complex positions, change direction at the last instant, be unpredictable and much more
Fa Jing - It allows to release in an explosive way a big amount of power (even at a small distance)
Conditioning skills:
Iron Palm - It is a conditioning level that makes the hand at the same time extremely resilient and resistant
Iron body - It makes our body extremely resilient and resistant to the external action of the scenario elements (humans, objects, etc.)
Diamond Finger - It is a conditioning type that focuses on the finger, making it at the same time extremely resilient and resistant (in our school it can be applied also on the toe)
Self-defense skills:
Overall view - It allows to capture most of the relevant details of everything is in the field of our vision without the need to focus on each single aspect
Constant attention - It allows us to sync all the senses to evaluate risks and opportunities of any scenario (in an instinctive and free on tension way)
Find advantages - It is the skill that always gives us at least a possibility to prevail / survive; it helps to rapidly and effectively exploit the elements of the scenario
Stealth skills:
Night vision - It allows to preserve and enhance the light-capturing capability of our eyes and at the same time to use experience and spatial intelligence to rebuild mentally what we do not see (or partially see)
Stealth walking - It is not only a set of techniques, it involves a lot of choices based on experience, intuition, patience, self-control, and deep physical training
Mind skills:
Self-discipline - It is the highest of all the 6 Dragons Kung Fu's skills, it is the one who allows us to gain all the others
Emotional control - It allows us to change or keep our mood we want, despite what happens outsides us
Quick reasoning - It allows us to make tactical rational choices (based on experience and logic) in the fastest possible time (to limit the predictability of the mechanical instinct)
Precision Control - It is the skill that controls and borns from all the others
Deception - This skill refers both to the ability to deceive, both to do not be deceived
Self-control - It is the capability to block and / or channel our most feral instincts
Tactical skills:
Errors exploiting - In combination with other skills it allows to read the intentions of action of the opponents to turn them against them
Body control skills:
Temperature control - It allow us to change the temperature of our body (or part of it) voluntarily
In-depth articles:
Natural talent and martial arts - In what percentage the natural talent affects the martial growth
How to acquire special abilities - The correct (and the only possible) path to gain real martial skills
If you want to ask for specific articles or give priority to one that is already scheduled, read Learn Kung Fu online: request a specific article.

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