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- Stormblast -

Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast

Album: Stormblast
Artista: Dimmu Borgir



[Storm Blown]

Through timeless, decayed dreams
In a moist autumn wind over deserted plains
Against Sorias mountains
I come, a Devil's Knight

Smooth is the rune on the high mountain
Washed away by rain and winds
Enchanting force of evil lurks
Here at Trollhome's moudly gate
Perplexed by the dark building
Made of stolen gold from the pact of light
Used as mockery to make their walls fall

We ponder over this kingdom
So beautiful, filled with timeless dusk
As a star in the gorge of emptiness
Brings forth a nightly wondering
Over thoughts from a long gone time

Straight to the sky it is erected
From the endless black memories of time
Storm blown out of the black inner
Has rock rolled from heath to bottom
Wondering and anxiety gather in the night
In the darkness looming about the spire
For no day knows the way here
No light can sneak in

Where sorrow has conquered all joy
And built a land on human's earth
Filled with ice-cold splendor and glory


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